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Get Away

Price: 12.95 USD
Isle Royale Records proudly announces the release of the new Flip Damon solo album, "Get Away". Several selections were influenced and inspired by Brian Wilson (Beach Boys Co-Founder), and a friend of the artist. It features 10 songs from the Damon & Matthews Song Catalog, including the popular, "Waves of Blue". Damon delivers with harmonious vocals and outstanding piano solos. The album was produced by J. R. Matthews for Isle Royale. CD's and downloads are available here, or at their CD Baby store location, listed below.

Broken Heart

Price: 1.99 USD
The first single from the Flip Damon album,"Get Away". The song, Broken Heart is one of the selections on the "Get Away" album, due out in 2016, and was written and recorded in 2015. The song is already rating highly on worldwide radio stations, and among industry A & R personnel.

Midnight Love

Price: 9.97 USD
The third album release by Damon & Matthews.

Starry Eyed Love CD

Price: 12.97 USD
A ten song collection from the Damon & Matthews Song Catalog, featuring singer, songwriter Flip Damon. Packaged in a CD case with UPC code and shrink wrap.