Isle Royale Records and DamonSongs Productions are announcing the release of the holiday single, "A Christmas Surprise" by the prolific songwriting team, Damon & Matthews.   The song is the title track of their new EP by the same name.  The EP is a collection of six songs from their catalog.

The EP, "A Christmas Surprise will be released in September, 2016.  The single will be available in stores and on radio worldwide in the coming weeks.  Merry Christmas from Damon & Matthews!

Isle Royale Records announces the newest single release from the highly acclaimed, Flip Damon album "Get Away".  The song, "Waves of Blue" was written and produced by Damon & Matthews, and inspired by the great Brian Wilson (Beach Boys).  It depicts an outstanding summer theme around a beach scene.  Isle Royale executives found this song to be one of the best arrangements on the album, and were anxious for this release.

Damon captures that "Beach Boy" style feeling in the song, with harmonies and falsetto overtures.  The song is already trending on worldwide radio, and is expected to be a top seller in the download market stores and elsewhere. 

Isle Royale Records Releases Flip Damon's "Get Away" Album

Isle Royale Records and DamonSongs Media announce the release of the long awaited, Flip Damon album, "Get Away", which is expected out on I-Tunes and other worldwide locations the first week of April, 2016.  The collection is 10 songs from the Damon & Matthews Song Catalog, written and recorded in 2015.  The label is very excited about this material, and decided to release the album a month earlier than originally planned.

Out of the 10 selections, 5 were inspired and influenced by Damon's long time friend and mentor, the great Brian Wilson, from Beach Boys fame.  The styling and arrangements of the songs depicts a familiar sound similar to Brian's, and the artist is grateful for the stylish influences and to his friend for many great years of "wonderful" music.  Currently Brian is on world tour peforming his classic "Pet Sounds" in its entirety for the final time, and "we wish him the very best".

In the meantime, Damon gives us "Get Away", with some of his best compositions to date.  DamonSongs and Isle Royale have partnered with CD Baby for worldwide distribution, and the album is available for CD ordering or downloads at:

Singles from the album, which are to expected to be 4 of the songs will be out by the summer. "Broken Heart" and "Island Sun" are currently on worldwide Jango Radio and other radio stations.

Flip Damon's Label, Releases New Single!

Isle Royale Records and DamonSongs Media are pleased to announce the second single to come from Flip Damon's "Get Away" album, to be released April 1st.  The song, "Island Sun", regarded by many as one of the best compositions in the collection, will be in digital and brick and mortar stores by the end of the first week of April, 2016.  "Island Sun" starts the Spring and Summer seasons with a visit to a tropical location where people like to play in the sea and enjoy the warmth and beauty of the place, and making new friends.
Later this year, Damon will be peforming the song in various places around the U.S., including planned TV appearances and in intimate club locations.  "Get Away" also will be released at the same time, according to label sources in April.  Stay tuned!

Label Releases New Damon & Matthews Single!

Isle Royale Records is pleased to announce the newest single from the recent Damon & Matthews album release, "Sunset Dreamin', entitled "Harbor Light".  Label officials decided that it was an outstanding choice due to it's high pop score ratings on worldwide radio airplay. 

The writers contend that the song is a salutation of a well known restaurant in Oceanside, California where Flip Damon visited during his stay in the 80's, and remembered its unique location and the great food and service that was offered.  The famous eatery, is still there today, according to recent reports.  The song, "Harbor Light" reminicses about the memories of great times there.  The single may be heard at, as well as radio stations worldwide, and is also available on I-Tunes, and other store locations.

Flip Damon's Latest!

Jan. 27, 2016

Isle Royale Records To Release New Flip Damon Single!

DamonSongs Media Group and Isle Royale Records are pleased to announce the upcoming single by Flip Damon, "Broken Heart". The song is a selection from the long awaited album, "Get Away, which is due out in the Spring of 2016. "Broken Heart" will be available on I-Tunes and other participating stores worldwide, as well as Jango Radio and many syndicated stations and apps.
Damon also is making the song available for TV, Film, and Advertising licensing, as well as for other artists looking for material.
Meanwhile, "Get Away", the highly anticipated album will be out in the Spring as planned. Stay tuned...

Jan. 5, 2016

Damon & Matthews Release New Single!

The songwriting duo, Damon & Matthews and their label Isle Royale Records has released their new single, "We Go Kartin", now available on Jango Radio and will be on I-Tunes March 1st. The single is a selection from their new album, "Sunset Dreamin" which also is due out in March, 2016. Stay Tuned for more exciting news...

Jun. 19, 2015

Isle Royale Records Releases Flip Damon Solo Album!

Isle Royale Records and DamonSongs Productions announces the release of "Starry Eyed Love" by Singer Songwriter, Flip Damon. As a main writer of the songwriting team of Damon & Matthews, this collection is 10 songs from that catalog. Three of the songs feature the renowned jazz pianist, James Levy who appears courtesy of Township Records, as well as J. Royce Matthews who produced the album and plays on a number of tracks.

Jul. 16, 2015

NeuFutur Magazine's Flip Damon Interview!

The recent interview by James McQuiston of NeuFutur Magazine is now available at: or by going to their website,
Get the scoop and check it out today!